Chinese Medicine

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?
Traditional Chinese medicine, also referred to as TCM, includes a range of traditional medicine practices originating in China. Although a common part of medical care throughout East Asia, it is considered an alternative medical system in much of the Western world. TCM therapy largely consists of Chinese herbal medicines, Acupuncture, dietary therapy, and Tuina Acupressure massage.

TCM is largely based on the philosophical concept that the universe is made of an energy called qi. This energy can be any state of matter or energy in existence. TCM believes that the body is a small universe unto itself that is a complex of subsystems of energy and matter, and that these systems work together to maintain a healthy mind and body. The characteristics of the operation of the mind/body are described in terms of the five elements (metal, water, wood, fire, and earth), Yin/Yang organs, deficiency/excess, emptiness/fullness, hot/cold, wind, dampness, pathogens, internal/external, meridian channels, qi (several different types), essences, body fluids, vessels and more.

TCM theory postulates that illness is caused by external and/or internal factors which disrupt the body's natural processes.

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