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2014 ANNUAL HOLIDAY SALE (November 17th - December 1st)
2014 Annual Holiday Sale (November 17th - December 1st) Receive 20% OFF* your in-store merchandise purchase. *Certain exceptions apply, not applicable for sale or red label items, glass items, herbal prescriptions, raw herbs, Slim Solution or treatments. Not to be combined with other offers or coupons. To take advantage of this offer online between November 17th to December 1st, simply enter redemption code "HOLIDAYSALE2014" at step 2 of the checkout process for in stock items during sale dates only. Special off

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Korean Ginseng Lingzhi Tuchung Tea (100 packages)
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine and herbal healing studies, it is shown that these three medicinal herbs have been used since ancient times to help improve and promote circulation. This tea is designed using the latest techniques to preserve the original state of the active compounds while ensuring quality. Regular consumption of this tea helps one cope with discomfort during seasonal changes, strengthens ones skeletal and muscular function and promote a healthy circulatory system. Ginseng has been listed by some
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Tung Ting Oolong Tea
In China, tea has historically been used as a medicine. Many studies have been carried out up to the present day about the effects of tea. It has been known for some time that tea helps to control obesity and this is common knowledge in China. A Chinese classical pharmaceutical book called the Bencao Shiyi (The Compendium of Materia Medica) states, "Drinking tea for a long time will make one live long to stay in good shape without becoming too fat and too heavy." Oolong tea contains a large quantity of polyphenol. Accor
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101 Hair Tonic
Based on the successful 101 formulas, 101 Hair Regain Tonic is the newest product developed by Dr. Zhao ZhangGuang. It is an improved and refined formula from specially selected high quality herbal extracts as Panax Ginseng. The original 101 tonic was successfully developed in 1974 by a very outstanding Chinese physician for baldness Zhao Zhangguang, after studies with great concentration of baldnesses nearly twenty years. He had repeatedly upgraded the formula more than a hundred times. The formula is extacted from many na
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Brazil Bee Propolis Glycolic Solution
Propolis is a nutrient made by honey bees and has been shown to stimulate the function of a healthy immune system and protect against many adverse health conditions. Propolis is one of nature's most versatile substances with a wide range of accepted health benefits. Bee Propolis contains vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, biotin, bioflavonoids (rich in anti-inflammatory properties), albumin, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, silica, potassium, phosphorous, manganese and cobalt. Also, 16 amino acids have also
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Korean Red Ginseng Beauty Soap
Contains 6 year old Korean Ginseng, cultivated with devotion for 2,190 days. ed Ginsengs miraculous efficacy has been well-known for thousands of years and used as a medicine and a material for skin care. This red ginseng is used as the raw material for soap and made of Coconut oil, Korean red ginseng extract, Squalane, Chitosan, Aloe,Jojoba oil. Coconut oil is effective for moisturizing and acts as massaging and cleansing by minute particles of bubbles. And it also relieves keratinizing and keeps skin soft and elastic. KO
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Bioslim Tea (30 teabags)
The effective and valuable ingredients contained in this herbal tea are specially processed from natural plants under strict supervision and have completely fulfilled all sanitary formalities. The herbal tea meets all requirements for a mild laxative, helps to relieve bowel sluggishness and occasional constipation. Its efficacy has long been well recognized to be very reliable. It also aids digestion, maintains bowel regularity and physical fitness. Ingredients: Senna pods, Senna leaves Content: 30 teabags Direc
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Pouchong Tea
Best seller! Apparently the ?preferred? drink by supermodels! Pouchong Tea is not only packed with health benefits, but beauty benefits as well! Containing more than 200 times the antioxidants of Vitamin E, it helps to protect the body and skin from free radical damage. With its antiseptic properties, it can also be used to prevent minor cuts and rashes, spots and blemishes, sunburn and even use it to prevent bad breath!! It has also been associated in accelerating cell division and may prevent against skin aging. Recomm
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Trimay-in Herbal Capsules
Trimay-in Herbal Capsules has been scientifically formulated to support the body during a weight loss program. The selection of herbs in this product work in synergy to increase fat metabolism and energy levels. It is effective in reducing fat, stimulating blood circulation, balancing metabolism and enabling one to be sturdy. Prepared entirely with mild traditional Chinese medicine, it is free from side effects. Perseverance in taking the capsules for a long period of time enables one to keep in good health and good shape an
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