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Shen Chu Cha
Shenqu (shen-chu) is an unusual preparation of wheat (or sprouted barley) combined with herbs used as a digestive aid and as a component of treatments for acute ailments, such as "summer heat syndrome." The Chinese names for this material, shenqu (spirit ferment) and liuqu (six ingredient ferment) refer to its method of preparation, as a fermenting mass. Traditionally, wheat flour and wheat bran are combined with herbs and formed into small pieces (sometimes as bricks), put in a basket and covered with flax leaves or paper
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Speedy Enema - Bandi Enema
Speedy Enema or Bandi Enema is useful as a laxative and effective in the relief of constipation. Ingredients: Glycerine 80@ volume or 100 mg per ml, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Benzoate, Methylparaben Content: 10 tubes each containing 10 ml Directions: For rectal use only. Adults, 5-10 ml each time, 1 time a day. Web Price: $16.95 (All orders for Canada and International United States are now shipped via Canada Post Expedited). For more information go to:
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