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Helps maintain circulatory function and a healthy skeletal system. Beneficial for those with sciatica. Strengthens qi and yang, tonifies kidney and liver, fortifies marrow, tendons and bones, clears dampness, activates blood circulation and relieves pain.

Indications: Traditional Chinese Medicine to tonify the liver and kidneys to strengthen the loins, to nourish the blood, and to remove wind and dampness

Ingredients: Cuscuta Chinensis, Kadsura Coccinea, Flemingia Philippinensis, Taxillus Chinensis, Spatholobus Suberectus, Rosa laevigata, Ligustrum Lucidum, Millettia Specisoa (Non medicinal ingredients: Gelatin)

Content: 60 capsules

Directions: For adults only. To be taken orally, 2-3 capsules each time, 3 times daily with warm water. *This product is recommended to be taken two hours apart from all other medications. Not suitable for children, pregnant or nursing women.

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Excellent for those suffering from:

* Headaches/migraines * Neck or Shoulder Stiffness * Lower back pain * Foot pain * Arthritis and aching joints * Poor blood circulation * Sports injuries * Carpal tunnel/tennis elbow * Injuries from car accidents * Fall or Sprain * Cold or Flu Symptoms

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